Frequently Asked Questions

I only need some design advice - can I get just that?

Will you work with smaller churches?

How do you charge?

Will you meet with our building committee or church board?

How do you work with churches in different states?

Will you match our design style?

Do you sell furniture and other items?

How do I know I've gotten a fair price?

Do you sell commercial/hospitality products?

Can you plan my workspace?

We want a cafe, can you help?

We want a playground, can you help?

Will you work on a smaller project?

What if we want to do some of the work ourselves?

Can you help us audit builders and architects?

Will you present to the board (elders) committee?

Would you be available to be at the presentation to the church?

Can you help me create a budget?

Will you help us with signage & branding?

Should we hire a sub-contractor from our church?

Do you recommend working in phases?