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Many pastors find themselves out of their element when trying to decipher blue prints, topographical studies and design plans because they prefer to spend their time building people, not buildings. Hiring a construction design expert who also has a zeal for equipping ministers and ministries is a wise decision that can minimize risk, lower costs, and prevent conflict. Our mission is to empower churches to accomplish their unique mission and vision!


‘Using a dull ax requires great strength, so sharpen the blade.

That’s the value of wisdom; it helps you succeed.’  Ecc 10:10 NLT


Deciding if and when to build or remodel should be considered very thoughtfully and prayerfully. Due diligence and careful analysis of a church’s current financial, spiritual, and leadership health is essential.


Before planning can begin, there are several steps you can take to establish proper expectations and make the planning process more efficient. Prematurely starting the planning process without first assessing the ministry’s current financial situation usually leads to thousands wasted in unusable drawings, plans, and designs that the church simply cannot afford.

Strategic planning is the key to warfare; to win, you need a lot of good counsel.’  

Prov 24:5 MSG


To select the right architect and general contractor for your project, many critical pieces of information have to be gathered and considered.


How confidently can you make these statements?

1.  We know, based on factual analysis, what we need to build to meet our future needs.

2.  We fully understand the cost of construction, the variables involved and what we can afford.


If you cannot confidently answer yes to these questions, you are not yet ready to start working with an architect or builder. MyChurchPro can help you gather the critical information you need to be prepared.

MyChurchPro uses an effective process that systematically helps you validate your needs, and further refine the details of your concept as much as possible prior to requesting initial architectural drawing requests, so that your first drawings are much closer to the final design. This is a key cost advantage to partnering with MyChurchPro from the beginning. 


Architectural revisions and change orders are expensive and time consuming. MyChurchPro will assist you in gathering the crucial information that will aid you in key decisions prior to hiring a design/build team. Starting with developed ideas and priorities will help expedite the planning, architectural and bidding process, save you in change orders and get you into a completed facility that meets your specific growth needs.


A key to a successful project is to carefully ensure that there are no non-value added expenditures.

The most expensive way to develop your concept is with multiple “developmental” architectural revisions that actually aren’t useful in actually constructing the building.


MyChurchPro uses an effective process to help you discover who you are as a body first. This is accomplished by a deep dive into your mission and vision. Every church is unique in it’s calling and directive. Moving forward in your vision requires that every decision you make lines up with that vision. If you do not have a developed vision, MyChurchPro can help you articulate exactly what makes up your church’s specific DNA. From your church’s unique prospective, we create a strategic plan and design a facility that meets your specific ministry needs and supports your future.


Learning how your ministries function is crucial to a successful project.


We take the time to get to know your staff and volunteers assessing their needs and challenges in their current spaces. We then assist with setting and prioritizing realistic goals based on each department’s needs and wants.

When the goals and budget have aligned, we are then ready to select an architect, builder and start the planning process.


A build/remodel project is an enormous task, and if not planned and managed properly, it can cause devastating consequences to the unity and financial well-being of the church. However, if planned properly, a church is more likely to stay unified, avoid costly mistakes, and experience a much higher satisfaction with the outcome.


Did you know that poor planning can result in additional costs and construction delays? The further you are in the design/build process the cost of those mistakes can increase exponentially. 

“Suppose one of you wants to build a tower. Won’t you first sit down and estimate the cost to see if you have enough money to complete it? For if you lay the foundation and are not able to finish it, everyone who sees it will ridicule you, saying, ‘This person began to build and wasn’t able to finish’’’   Luke 14:28-30 NIV


Planning should be organized and coincide with the design/build process. This will keep costs down and keep the project moving in a timely manner.


One important part of the planning process is deciding who will be the point person for the church in the design/build process. Many often underestimate the amount of time that the design/build process can take from conception to completion. It is important that ministries continue to function and thrive throughout this process. Finding the right person to assist in the heavy workload of the planning, building, and design process is crucial to the health of the pastoral staff. By hiring outside assistance, this burden can be relieved, and allow the pastoral staff to continue to minister effectively. 


When MyChurchPro partners with a church, we become an invaluable advocate and representative to the church's best interests, protecting the church's valuable resources and avoiding unnecessary expenses and risk.  We provide expertise that can greatly reduce the large learning curve typically experienced by pastors.


We advise and approach your project with an objective, third-person perspective and provide immediate feedback. We see church’s much like a first time visitor would and can advise from that point of view. For many, the familiarity of their space can blind them to obstacles a first time visitor may experience. Making a great first impression is key to gaining and retaining new members.


Design affects almost every inch of a new build or remodel. From the parking lot to the stage, every element of the building is selected with the comprehensive design plan in mind and collectively tells the unique story of your organization.


MyChurchPro uses a design process at the pre-build stage that focuses on space planning and how to create spaces that allow your ministry to operate most effectively.


From room sizes to traffic flow, we will work in collaboration with your staff and architects to make sure your new facility is exactly what you need.


At this time we simultaneously work to pull together the branding, story telling, signage, furnishings, storage, and other decorative elements that will complete the overall look and make the facility function most effectively.

There are many different participants in a build/remodel project (Staff members, Congregants, Architectural Team, Building Team, Audio Visual Team, Graphic Designer, Flooring Contractor, Painting Contractor, Signage Contractor, Other Advisors: Theming, Cafe, Playground, Special Needs, and many more) and each of them need to work in harmony to complete a cohesive plan. Without a point of contact, each of these could work independently of each other and create a very disjointed, unattractive and less than ideal final result.


Having one point person that is familiar with every aspect of the project is crucial to a unified and cohesive final result. 


For example, if the electrician is planning to put fire extinguishers where a large display or wall mural is going to be placed, someone needs to know both the electrical plan and the signage plan. Most times, these two contractors will have little or no interaction. We keep all the different moving parts working toward a common goal while communicating with all parties along the way. This results in a cohesive and beautifully functional space.


MyChurchPro serves as a common point of contact between the church and the other contractors involved in the project. In addition to protecting the vision and communicating the design plan, we can also help translate intentions, preferences and concerns to the contractors. We also remain available throughout the design/build process to the entire staff to objectively field comments and input, protecting the staff members from internal conflict. 


We provide project oversight to ensure that all designed elements are executed as planned.


We are available to answer questions that may arise during the install process from both staff and contractors. Even with the best of plans, there will be last minute priority adjustments and judgment calls that will need to be made. Because we are aware of of the comprehensive building and design plan, we can answer these questions with ease, saving staff members crucial ministry time. 


MyChurchPro provides expertise to help make critical decisions. We understand the architectural and build processes and can easily translate both the meaning and impact of key information to staff in easy-to-understand terms so they can make solid decisions. We provide a consistent and reliable communication channel to architects, builders and AVL providers on behalf of the church.


When the well designed project is complete, the final result will reflect the church’s unique DNA and create a welcoming environment that enables real connection and ministry without distraction or frustration. 

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